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Eric Leitzen for Bluff Country

For 40 years, you have worked harder and done more with less, while those at the top have gotten more and more.

That’s your money.

You worked for it, you deserve it.

This is a campaign to Soak The Rich and
Get Your Money Back.

Get Your
Money Back

Together, we’re going to get your money back in better wages, schools, roads, and communities

Save The
Small Towns

The big money & their pet politicians only care about turning a profit, even if they have to kill every small town in Bluff Country to do it. Leitzen 2020 is here to fight back.

Basic Needs

Everyone deserves good food, clean water, and shelter from both climate & sickness, end of story. This is a campaign to guarantee those things to every Minnesotan.

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“I’m an old-school, Farmer-Labor candidate in the tradition of Olson, Mondale, McCarthy, Anderson and Wellstone. If things are going to start getting better for the working people of Minnesota, someone’s going to have to stand up and start fighting to fix this broken system.
I’d gladly put everything on the line for Bluff Country, because there’s no other place I want to raise my family.”

Eric M. Leitzen


Eric M. Leitzen is running for office in Minnesota.

Get in Touch

Want to help the campaign? Drop us a line here:

144 Main St
Hokah, MN 55941